Doug on December 27th, 2013

Unfortunately, this photo is to fitting anymore…..

USA - Made in China

Doug on October 30th, 2013

Nowadays it seems like everything we do online must have a concept of “social” or social networking associated with it.  I belong to a virtual online learning community that allows me to take online courses in a multitude of online media and marketing topics.  The other day, the website notified me that a colleague is now “following” me on this website.  So now, my learning activities are public allowing colleagues (and competitors) to know what classes I take and when I take them??   I don’t get it.  This has gone too far:

Udemy Follow

That is how Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation drives.

Sad.  Absolutely sad.

I believe that “employment” is the best indicator of the economy.  I also believe we need to proactively measure everything.  This dashboard (employment) should be the first gauge we look at as we recover from the great recession.  The problem is – the dashboard does not work.  We have not found windows to look out of to see where we are going and we have become dependent on driving with the rear-view mirrors….in other words we look at employment numbers that are several months old and consider them current.

So every time that the State releases our unemployment statistics, I  just cringe.  I cringe because they are not very accurate.  Actually, they are never accurate.

A recent article in the Las Vegas Review Journal does a pretty good job of pointing out the problem.  Simply put – the numbers presented do not reflect the current employment situation.  As quantifiable jobs are clearly being added in the State (more than any other month), the unemployment level does not change?

There has to be a better way.

Doug on September 19th, 2013

Round 2

I’m going to get my popcorn!!!!!!!

Doug on September 11th, 2013

The New York Times inked an interesting piece here:


John Smith, from the Las Vegas Journal contributed his opinion here:

Doug on August 21st, 2013

What happens when two elephants get into a fight??  A whole lot of grass gets trampled.  And we have two elephants (Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun) that are starting that fight.

Elephants_Trampled Grass


This is about to get real interesting, real quick.  I would not want to be the grass underneath this battle.  It is sure to get trampled.

Two Newspapers – wrapped up and delivered as one.  At war with each other.  And using each others arsenal to deliver the next shot.

On the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal reads:
Las Vegas Sun publisher sues, alleges family conspired with Stephens Media.

On the front page of the Las Vegas Sun reads:Sun publisher sues to block R-J from gaining newspaper monopoly

Uhhhhh…..I feel sorry for the grass.  And the gardener who has to repair the mess later.


Doug on April 17th, 2013

Set standards.  Don’t chase them.

For some reason, most compete to be mediocre.  They continuously strive to meet standards set by others rather than setting their own improved standards.  Why strive for mediocrity?  That is boring.

Doug on March 13th, 2013

If you keep doing what you do, you will continue to keep getting what you got.

Doug on October 18th, 2012

Here, I thought I was special when Mayor Goodman called me on stage at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf grand opening:

According to a recent article, this is just part of her strategy.  Always happy to help the cause:)

Doug on August 20th, 2012

Most entrepreneurs battle some level of Attention Deficit Disorder  (A.D.D.)  They say A.D.D. is what allows us to look at complex problems and solve them, because our mind cannot not just focus on one area.  Entrepreneur thoughts bounce around freely breaking down a multitude of barriers until an entrepreneur discovers the one true barrier that stops an effort from moving forward.  Then the entrepreneur hones in on the big problem and solves it.

With that being said, entrepreneurs often solve problems only to move on to the next, and many times forget the problems previously solved.

I have to admit that I battle A.D.D.  I believe I do a good job of managing mine and do so with a series of  ‘to do lists,’ keeping a journal and documenting/mapping the paths I have previously traveled.  And when I am digesting a new problem, I often refer back to my journals to see what ‘paths’ I had previously taken in similar problem solving.

It is frustrating, yet satisfying, when I solve a problem that I already solved.  First I feel like a dummy for not remembering.  Then I feel feel satisfied because I came to the same conclusion.  It is much easier to act on a problem when you have solved it……twice.

It is very similar to the carpenter’s credo of “measure twice, cut once.”